Passing The Torch Initiative

Passing the Torch Initiative

Lighting Olympic Spirit Through Community Service To Healthy Sport and PLAY


Welcome! A Portal for Olympic-inspired Action and Ideas

Millions of Kids Globally Lack Access to 'Healthy Sport & Play' Options. 

We Engage the  Spirit of the Olympics to Change the World!


Community Service Platform that: 

CONNECTS  Olympic-inspired people and resources

 ENGAGES  community service in the spirit of the Games.

SUPPORTS 'Healthy Sports & Play'  (HS&P) programs worldwide. 

INSPIRES the world with Olympic ideals. 

Our goal is to foster 'a better, more peaceful world' (Olympic Charter) by harnessing the power and magic of the international Olympic movement as a force for good in society. We do this by strenghtening and amplifying community and community service within the movement. 

Platform Services

CONNECT: Global Olympic-Inspired Change Makers


A Collaborative Networking Portal 

To facilitate connection among Olympic-inspired 'Change Makers' (athletes and global enthusiasts) and promote innovation within the movement.

ENGAGE & SUPPORT: Healthy Sport & Play Activities and Organizations Worldwide


An Online Directory 

To facilitate support for 'Healthy Sport & Play' programs worldwide by raising volunteers, donations, and positive exposure. Community-based HS&P programs advance Olympic values and ideals everyday around the world.

INSPIRE: Share Olympic & Paralympic Values and Ideals


Ancillary Programs

To facilitate simple, impactful ways to engage the international  Olympic movement and expand its reach and relevance in the world.


The Core Olympic/Paralympic Ethos and Value System: 

Excellence, Empowerment, Respect (Olympic)

Fellowship, Inspiration, Courage, Inclusion & Determination (Paralympic) 

 “Educating  Youth through Sport to Contribute in 

 Building a Better, More Peaceful  World.(Olympic Charter)

PASS THE TORCH - Join our Team, Support Us!

1. Join Our Global 'Change Maker' Network

2. Support Us.  We are now seeking tax-deductible seed funding to support a 2020 Olympic Year Launch of the platform. You can light the flame as a 'First Supporter' by contacting: 

Charles Altekruse OLY USA Mobile/ WhatsApp:  +1 (510) 913-3669, Email:

Andras (“Andy”) Toro OLY HUNGARY & USA: Mobile: +1 (510) 234-5140, Email:

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy coming soon

About Us

The Passing the Torch initiative (PTI) is the brainchild of:

  • Charles Altekruse, OLY USA Rowing 1980 & 88 and public affairs and team builder consultant.
  • Andy Toro, OLY Hungary Canoe 1960 & 64 and USA Canoe 1972 & 76 and Olympic movement activist.

Our Philosophy: The Olympics can be a greater force for good in the world. We serve this goal by connecting Olympic-inspired people and promoting Olympic spirit through community service and 'Healthy Sport & Play'. 

Our Approach: PTI is informed by the founders’ decades-long participation in the U.S. and international Olympic movements, together with more recent research, networking, and strategic planning.  What is new is the emergence of collaborative networking technology that helps us promote this philosophy through engagement platforms within the global Olympic ecosystem. PTI will be an international  non-profit based in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area - a center of global technology innovation.  By serving as a technology hub  for existing Olympic and HS&P resources and teaming with strategic partners, we will  scale quickly, keeping our internal organization lean and efficient. 

We plan to launch the fully-functioning PASSING THE TORCH web site to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games (summer 2020). Join our mailing list above to stay involved and informed with our progress!

Our 5 Core Pillars: These inform and prioritize our work - Collaboration, Inclusion, Olympic Spirit, Service, and Technology 

Passing the Torch Initiative is a project of Empowerment Works, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Empowerment WORKS